Home Care Services Honolulu

Visiting Caregivers LLC specializes in-home care services in Hawaii and proudly serves entire island of Oahu.

Whether 24-hour care is needed, respite care or for a few hours during morning or evening care at home, Visiting Caregivers LLC can provide service that is right for your situation. We guarantee the quality of caregivers work and client’s satisfaction based on the specified care program tailored to our clients. Our client’s safety, well-being and peace of mind are to the utmost importance to us.

The first step is consultation we offer at no charge! This consultation or assessment process will help us evaluate specific needs and tailor a senior in home care service program based on the individual wants, requests, families concerns and physician orders. We will also offer tips that may improve any immediate safety concerns.

The scope of our services are not limited to those that are listed below. The following list identifies duties that can be performed independently or as a group of duties in the course of working with the client.
In Home Care Services: Companionship Services (non-medical, supportive)
• Engaging the client in any number of activities
• Assist with entertaining
• Assist with medication
• Appointment reminders
• Visiting friends
• Going shopping or to the market
• Attending events and plays
• Attend religious services
• Much more

 Home Care Support Services: (non-medical, supportive)

• Routine housework including general cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, ironing, changing bed linens, defrosting refrigerator, cleaning ovens and stove
• Cleaning cabinets, light fixtures and windows
• Planning, cooking and serving meals
• Monitoring and motivating regular diet plan
• Transporting client to social activities and appointments
• Running errands for client
• Assisting with mail, correspondence and bills
• Serving as companion and participating in friendly socialization activities
• Assisting with entertainment preparation, hosting, serving and cleanup
• Caring for pet including feeding, exercising, cleaning litter, taking pet to grooming or veterinarian
• Caring of plants in the garden
• Monitoring client safety and welfare
• Checking the interior and exterior of home to reflect at home appearance

Personal Home Care Services – At Home Assisted Living Services: (non-medical, supportive)

• Assisting with grooming needs such as hair care, shaving, cleaning teeth and nails
• Supervising or assisting tub bath, showers, sponge bath and bed bath
• Providing routine skin care such as applying lotion to skin
• Assisting with dressing and undressing
• Assisting with mobilization activities including turning, transferring, exercising and walking
• Assisting with toileting and commode needs
• Assisting with eating or feeding
• Assisting with self-administered medications by reminding client to take medicine at the prescribe times or following up to ensure they are taken
• Providing respite and palliative care
Note: Personal care or assisted living services benefit the individual by helping them cope with their declining abilities at home thereby maintaining their independence and avoid relocation.

Combination of Home Services Above: (non-medical, supportive)

• A combination of possible duties mentioned above.

Home care at home is safe for your loved ones! For more information in how you or your loved one can begin receiving in-home care services provided by Visiting Caregivers LLC, please call (808) 988-4888 on Oahu or email us: info@visitingcaregiversllc.com.